Meet Tyler G. The Tiny Emails founder.

Tyler's job is pretty simple. Build a team of incredibly talented copywriters that help businesses print stacks of 💰.

But why email marketing & copywriting?

Because every business needs words that help them share their value in the right way to sell more.

Tyler started Tiny Emails in 2022 in the mountains of Medellin, Colombia while drinking coffee and playing chess.

Tyler realized two things:

  1. Coffee is an email copywriters best friend.

  2. Good email copywriting is really just chess moves ♟️ on paper.

He was frustrated; frustrated with how there was such a disconnect and fragmentation in the b2b email marketing world.

Email Marketing is so powerful and most business owners although desperately need it, can't easily buy it because email copywriters are historically poor at positioning and offering what they do in a productized, affordable, and simple way.

They write emails that sell but fail to sell their own.

Emails are the lifeblood of growth for most b2b businesses.

Writing emails are the revenue generating activities businesses should be focusing on.

Yet it is typically very hard to find high-quality email marketing partners to write these high-leverage words, cost effectively, and quickly.

As well, finding someone who can truly understand your brand.

So, Tyler took things into his own hands and started building a team of wordsmiths that could help b2b companies create emails effectively, fast, and at a cost that constantly breaks the ROI calculator.

Tiny Emails is shifting the email marketing & copywriting space one word at a time.

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--Tiny Emails HQ